MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police say a man was accused of beating his neighbor with a cinderblock and a table after he told him to turn his music down last month.

The incident occurred on September 3rd at 656 McConnell Street in Binghampton.

According to police, a man was in his front yard listening to music when Cecil Frison, his neighbor from across the street, came over and told him to turn his music down.

This led to a heated argument and they started fighting.

Police said Frison hit the victim several times with a cinderblock then started hitting him with a small wooden table after the cinderblock broke. The suspect stopped hitting him when the victim’s young daughter came outside crying and screaming for him to stop.

The victim suffered numerous bruises and was taken to the hospital. He identified the 33-year-old as the person responsible for his injuries and decided to press charges.

Police said the victim was still sore and unable to work after the assault.