MEMPHIS, Tenn.– As the shrine to Young Dolph continues to grow where he was killed and draws national attention as police search for his killers, there are no reminders of 10-year-old Richard Jordan’s death.

Makeda’s Cookies–where the rapper was killed– is less than a block away from Ketchum and Airways where the 10-year-old boy was shot dead four years ago while riding in a car.

Rosalind Shields recalls that in a matter of moments her son was taken from her forever.

“A car pulled up and started shooting…,” she said.

No one has been charged in the November 2017 murder.

Many may have forgotten the senseless murder of Richard Jordan, but his mother is still hoping for justice.

Shields believes police have lost interest in finding his killers.

“When I call or go down there they claim that it’s always open for investigation…but they’re not doing anything,” she said.

She’s concerned it appears the rapper’s death is getting more attention because of his fame and would like police to try harder to find the ten year old’s killer.

“I’m not mad…it’s just the fact that the police is not investigating this case like they told me they would,” Shields said.

Stevie Moore founded Freedom from Unnecessary Negatives and Stop the Killing after his son was murdered in 2003.

He said there’s no excuse for the public to remain silent and offer no useful tips on the youngster’s death.

“Come on ya’ll. Why aren’t we doing more to find out who killed that baby,” Moore said. “That’s what…four years ago and nobody has said anything about who killed that child? I’m telling you…I’m in the streets…there’s nothing that happens in the street that somebody don’t know nothing about.”

Moore believes police are still looking for leads in the case and encourages Rosalind Shields to keep pushing for justice.

WREG reached out to police for an update on the Richard Jordan investigation and were told “We are always looking for tips on all unsolved cases.”

You can still contact Crime Stoppers at (901)-528-CASH or Stevie Moore’s organization at (901)-527-3149 if you have information.