MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We are now 24 days away from Thanksgiving, but some Mid-South shoppers told us they beat the rush and are already done with their holiday meal shopping.

Robert Lewis made the drive from Earle, Arkansas to Memphis this morning, not to start but finish up his Thanksgiving meal shopping!

“Yeah I got my chitlins. I got pretty much everything I need, greens, put them up in the freezer so I’m good,” he said.

Due to recent supply issues, he had to be very strategic and he’s not alone.

We’re still weeks out from turkey day, but other shoppers like Margaret Lockett said they’ve started to pick up items they know they will need as well.

“You have to start early because you may not find what you need. What you’re looking for,” Lockett said.

Some retailers say given recent supply chain issues that’s probably a smart idea.

Rob Ickard with the Tennessee Grocers Association said while they don’t expect new supply chain issues heading into the holidays, many retailers are still recovering from the panic buying at the start of the pandemic along with other COVID related disruptions.

“Certainly manpower problems have created supply chain issues at ever tier of the supply chain from manufacturing to distribution and logistics to retail and that’s something everybody is working hard to overcome,” he said.

Ickard says a little planning ahead will go far this holiday season as shoppers continue to adjust to their new normal.

“Go ahead and get the turkey, but only get one turkey. You don’t need two and you want to think about the customer that comes behind you and their holiday meal as well,” he said.

The Tennessee Grocers Association said there are no reports of food shortages, but it may take more than one trip to find some of the items you may need for your meal.