MILLINGTON, Tenn. — This shooting is being described by Millington Police as “senseless and unnecessary” and it’s left a number of people in this community shaken to their core.

A shooting at Margaritas Mexican Restaurant last night sent fear and panic across the community. Madison Thomas works nearby.

“We stayed inside. It was crazy. There was bunch of cops (they) were everywhere trying figure out where the guy was,” Thomas told us. “Pretty much everybody had to stay in the kitchen until everything was safe.”

Investigators say an angry customer was removed from restaurant by management and another man. That customer, who police have identified as 30-year-old Juston McKnight, then returned to the establishment and allegedly shot and killed one of the people who escorted him out the building.

“I think nobody should deserve to lose their life over a senseless person. It’s a small town everybody wanna have a good time.” Thomas said. “It’s a holiday, thanksgiving about to come up and knowing that he can’t live his life or spend time with his family is kinda sad.”

McKnight was arrested this morning and charged with the murder of Timothy Carver. Hours after the arrest, Millington Police returned to Margaritas, after witnesses told WREG a man broke out the front door and went inside with an assault rifle.

“I thinks it’s awful, it’s terrible,” a customer told us. “It’s terrible for people to act that way.”

We witnessed police take away a man in handcuffs. Customers says after these two incidents, their sense of safety is gone.

“It’s just a shame the way people act anymore,” a customer told us. “We’re not safe anywhere anymore. Not even at home not even driving down the road.”

Millington Police partnered with the Shelby County Sheriff Office and Memphis Police and arrested McKnight, who has been booked in jail on a million-dollar bond.

WREG did reach out to police for additional information about both of these incidents and have not heard back as of yet.

WREG will update as more information becomes available.