MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man has been charged with second degree murder after an incident at the Skyline Inn off Shelby Drive on September 12. Fountain Holley has been charged with multiple offenses, including second degree murder, according to police records.

Officers responded to a shots fired call in the evening of September 12 outside the Skyline Inn. MPD found Jordan Briggs lying on the floor, unresponsive and suffering from apparent gunshot wounds to the chest.

Memphis Fire Department made it to the scene and pronounced Briggs deceased.

Memphis police spoke to the hotel manager, and he advised of what happened. After hearing the sound, the manager said that he went outside to check on what was happening.

According to police, he saw a man, Holley, wearing a black and red shirt with black pants walking towards the front office.

According to police, the hotel manager asked the Holley what happened. The manager told police that the man said someone from room 220 tried to rob him.

The manager said that Holley came back a short time later and asked for a key to room 220. The manager refused, and then the Holley ran back to room 220.

According to police, Holley broke out a window with his left shoulder and hopped through the window into the room. The manager told police he heard several shots from the room after that.

The manager also saw Holley exit the room through the door and walk towards the adjacent parking lot. According to police, Holley was arrested after witnesses managed to identify him.

Holley currently does not have any bond information posted. He is set to appear in court September 24.

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