MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tears of happiness are flowing as Greater Imani in Raleigh celebrates its 32nd church anniversary over the weekend by gifting the community with the essentials–food and fuel.

Pastor Bill Adkins said they were anticipating shelling out $32,000 to help those in Frayser.

He said the church wanted to celebrate by giving to others at the Kroger store in Frayser during these uncertain times.

“We had two older people who had to decide between their food and their prescriptions, so we bought their groceries… now she is saying ‘I can go get my high blood’ … she said ‘I can now go to get my high blood pressure medicine,'” Pastor Adkins said. “That’s the joy of blessing and giving because you don’t know what shape people are in.”

It’s a difficult dilemma that Darcy Hill, a mother of six, knows about first hand.

She was inside the store on Saturday facing her own challenge. Suddenly, the people in purple she saw inside the store approached her.

“I was trying to get money together to get my kids some milk and lunch meat. While I was in line, the young lady was like we are going to pay for your groceries… I was like ‘what? really,” she said.

They were groceries she almost didn’t get because in addition to food, the Memphis mother who works as a delivery driver – was in need of fuel.

“When I tell you it was between that or gas.. and now I have money to get my gas.. that’s a blessing,” she said. “To receive love and care and support from strangers its an absolute blessing.”

Recipients received the full VIP treatment as church members and boy scouts loaded up their vehicles.

Additionally, the church hosted a prayer drive-through in the Kroger parking lot.