MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A handful of Southwest Memphis businesses are still on edge after witnessing a woman get shot by a Memphis Police officer.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation identified the woman as 25 year-old Kayla Lucas Thursday morning.

For many along South Third Street, they keep reliving the moments gun shots broke out in the McDonald’s parking lot Wednesday evening.

The person at the receiving end of those bullets was Kayla Lucas. Investigators with the TBI say she was shot after driving toward officers, ramming a patrol car, as they attempted pull her over. An unidentified McDonald’s employee witnessed everything.

“She was trying to block the vehicle in so when she was trying to do that, they shot and that’s all I saw really. I was trying to do my job and next thing you know it just came out of nowhere,” the witness said.

Next door to McDonald’s at Bluff City Taxes, Angela Deberry entered a state of panic knowing a shooting happened feet away from where she works.

“We just heard something go boom, boom, boom, boom. And I said that sound like gunshots,” said Deberry. “I was like man I hope they don’t come to the door and so I seen people walking outside and it may me feel a little bit safer to go look out. When I looked out I looked over there I just seen police over there, but I didn’t know the police had done the shooting.”

Memphis Police told WREG the officer who fired the shot has been relieved of duties, pending an ongoing investigation. The TBI is leading that investigation.

Meanwhile, While businesses are back open, this community is still feeling the impact.

“It’s just sad. For it to happen like where I work at that close to me, it could have been me. You never know like it was that close to me. I’m right here in the drive-thru and it was just right there,” said the McDonald’s employee.

Looking into Lucas’ criminal history, she has been arrested for multiple offenses ranging from theft of property to evading arrest. Regardless, Deberry believes it doesn’t excuse what happened. 

“I just felt so bad. No matter what the cause of what she done, maybe they could have handled it a different situation, you know different way, without taking a life, that’s my thought,” said Deberry.

It’s unclear at this time how long the TBI’s investigation will take. MPD said the officer’s name could be released after a debriefing process.