MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – Memphis will be one of three cities to use a phone app to fight litter and officials say it could be a game changer.

Memphis was one of the cities chosen by “Litterati” to participate in a special program where city crews use an advanced function of their app to gather even more data.

When you see litter, you can snap pictures of it and upload them to the app where you tag the items and provide locations.

City officials hope you’ll throw away the litter before tagging it. In any case, crews can use the data to figure out what’s being dumped and where.

“This is a great tool,” Public Works Director Robert Knecht said. “It can be used to help you develop information like hotspots. Where is the most litter occurring in the city? The more people we have helping us in gathering the data the better.”

The targeted study will center on a specific part of Memphis in the coming days. That location has yet to be determined.

“So, we’re trying to provide a cleaner city, remove blight, which litter is a form of blight, and make it so people are proud of their city, proud of their neighborhoods,” Knecht said. “We’re also trying to clean the environment. You think about all these plastics, all these materials wash down into your storm drain and get into rivers and streams.”

You can download the free “Litterati” app from the App Store and the Google Play store. You can also learn more about how it works here.

WREG reached out to “Litterati” for comment but we have not heard back.