MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis-based national non-profit is celebrating Monday night after actress Melissa Joan Hart won big on the celebrity edition of Wheel of Fortune.

It will soon have more than a million dollars in the bank!

The “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” star correctly guessed “bran muffins” in the food and drink category, bringing in $1,039,800 for Youth Villages which was her charity of choice.

There was excitement all around as the Youth Villages campus watched Melissa Joan Hart be the first to win a million dollars on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. 

Youth Villages CEO Patrick Lawler says they didn’t know exactly how much money they would get, but they knew they would get at least $30,000.

“Melissa called us several weeks ago and said that she was going to be on the show and she was practicing. Then she called us a few days after the show, it has basically been pre-recorded. She said, ‘I did really good, I won a lot of money,'” said Youth Villages CEO Patrick Lawler. ” So we thought maybe she made 40 or $50,000, never even dreamed. Never imagined that it would be over a million dollars.”

“When they turned that over and it was a million dollars we went crazy. I mean we just went nuts,” he said.

The Sabrina the Teenage Witch star has visited Youth Villages’ campus in the past and Lawler is thankful for her continued support. 

Youth Villages focuses on children’s mental and behavioral health. The winnings will go toward the “LifeSet program.” 

“It’s for young people who basically have lived in the foster care system and then at 18 they’re turned out to live on their own and they don’t have the resources and support they need so we provide a program that helps them find housing, stay in school, transportation, get a job, just manage their life like any young person would,” Lawler said. “About 20,000 kids a year age out of the foster care system and we’ve been expanding this program nationally so this will help with our expansion.”

As for what’s next, Lawler says Melissa Joan Hart is hoping to visit and celebrate at Youth Villages soon.