MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – Police say a man was shot at the Riverset Apartments on Mud Island around 3 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Austin Harrison was able to drive himself to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital where the 31-year-old was transferred to Regional Medical Center, treated, and released.

His friend Ashleigh Scroggins says he was shot seven times, wounded in the arm, neck and back.

“Like I’m freaking out,” she said. “I’m freaking out like I’m completely and utterly disgusted at what’s going on in Memphis right now.”

Scroggins says it happened after he left her apartment and says she slept through the chaos, but Harrison told her he was sitting in his car in the parking lot listening to music and scrolling through social media when the shots were fired. Scroggins says Harrison didn’t see anyone.

“He said that by the time he realized what had happened he had already been shot multiple times,” Scroggins said.

One of the bullets went through Scroggins’ neighbor’s window. The woman talked with WREG but didn’t want to be identified. 

“I was really shocked and my mind went blank, and so I just called 911.” she said. “We were thinking this was a great place to live in. Now, it’s like a little bit scary. And we purposely don’t step out of home after 10 p.m. because I don’t feel safe.”

Scroggins says Harrison has no idea why the shooter opened fire or why anyone would want to hurt him.

“He’s a hard working guy, goes to work for his kids,” Scroggins said. “He’s a pretty swell guy.”

Police are still looking for the gunman. The incident frustrates Scroggins who claims Riverset has security guards but now believes they need to do more to keep residents safe.

“Like putting up some cameras or putting up some lights outside so when it’s night time we can see,” she said.

WREG took her concerns to the leasing office, but an employee told us, “No comment. Sorry.”

By our count, this is at least the third violent incident on Mud Island since September. WREG asked police if they will increase patrols, but we have not heard back.