MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police said they have arrested a man on nearly 90 counts of forgery and identity theft after using his ex-wife’s information to obtain Payment Protection Plan (PPP) loans.

According to police records, Joseph Chalmers was charged with 44 counts of identity theft and forgery after it became apparent to his ex-wife that Chalmers was using her Electronic Filing Identification Number for a business the couple used to own, Checkfast Tax Service.

Police said that according to court records, Chalmers and his ex-wife divorced in 2012 and Chalmers took full possession of the business as well as responsibility for all information provided to the IRS.

Police said that Chalmers applied for a PPP loan in July 2020 for $17,600 using his ex-wife’s personal information, but using his phone number and social security number.

Police said that Chalmers again applied for a PPP loan in January 20121 for $21,030. Police said that, again, he used his ex-wife’s personal information but filed his Social Security, phone number, and work email on the loan.

According to records, in 2018, Chalmers used his ex-wife’s EFIN to prepare taxes with Checkfast Tax Service where he collected $29,759. Police said the money went from his bank account to another registered to Da Hookup.

Police said that Chalmers used his ex-wife’s EFIN on 20 checks in the same Regions bank account, forging her name. Police said it was discovered after he used his own social security number, phone number and email address on a Non-Personal Bank account form.

Police said that in 2019, Chalmers used the same Checkfast Tax Service to collect $24,901. In addition, Police said that Chalmers used his ex-wife’s information on another 21 checks.

According to police, in 2020, Chalmers collected $1000 from Checkfast Tax Service and used his ex-wife information on single check.

Police said that Chalmers’s ex-wife suffered a loss of $29,083.

Chalmers is currently being held on $75,000 bond, and his next court appearance is set for October 21.