MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A feud between two teens resulted in a series of shootings that left an innocent woman injured in a Raleigh neighborhood, and deputies believe it all started over a stolen gun.

Shelby County deputies say 18-year-old Jadon Fulton and 19-year-old Taylor McKinney are responsible for a series of shootings on Dec. 10.

One of the bullets hits a woman who said she was driving home on Northwood Hills Drive, but deputies said she was never the intended target.

“I see like five or six could’ve been like teenagers to young adults just tipping around,” said the victim, who did not want to be identified. “You know, walking across the street. I’m like, why are these kids in the middle of the street? I look down at their hands and they got handguns.”

Officers found her lying in the garage of her house nearby. She is expected to be ok.

Deputies said on Dec. 10, McKinney took a stolen gun stolen from Fulton to an acquaintance’s house because the friend told him someone was coming to “shoot up” his house. McKinney said he fired at a Nissan that he believed was carrying people coming to shoot up the house.

As it turned out, the car was driven by a woman apparently unrelated to the situation, according to police.

Some of the bullets hit a house with two people inside on Northwood Hills Drive.

Police say McKinney also returned to the house on Hunters Glen Cove where he allegedly stole the gun, and shot several times at the house and a Chevy Tahoe, apparently in retaliation for an earlier event.

McKinney was picked up on an outstanding warrant for theft, and was also out on $80,000 bond on charges of carjacking and aggravated robbery, police said. Fulton was picked up in a traffic stop because officers said his windows’ tint was too dark.

McKinney is charged with five counts of attempted first-degree murder along with reckless endangerment and weapon possession. Fulton also faces five attempted murder charges as well as being in possession of a machine gun.