MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police said they received a call from an elderly man after being assaulted by his grandson over a firearm on October 15.

Police said that Devin Dowdy is facing domestic assault charges as well as abuse of an elderly adult after he punched his grandfather, Rozelle Owens in the face and stepped on his hand while assaulting him.

According to police, Dowdy was arguing with his grandfather because Owens took his gun due to Dowdy being a convicted felon. When Owens gave the gun back, Dowdy punched him in the face, repeatedly.

Police said that Dowdy fled the scene before they arrived, but they found Owens with “injuries to his face and a busted lip.” MPD said that Owens also received a splint for his finger after Dowdy stepped on it while punching him.

Dowdy’s bond information and court date are not yet available.

WREG will update this page as more information becomes available.