MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The White House announced President Biden will sign a $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill when congress returns next week.

Meanwhile, Tennessee is anxiously awaiting its share of the pie.

Memphians really started paying attention to the infrastructure bill when a crack forced the closure of the I-40 bridge back in may.

Now that the bill has been signed, sealed and delivered to the president’s desk, according to TDOT, Tennessee will receive $1.3 billion dollars in federal highway funds.

Tennessee’ share will break down as:

  • $302 million for bridge repairs, 
  • $630 million for public transportation improvements
  • $88 million for electric charging stations
  • $300 million for airport improvements.
  • $100 million to expand broadband access to 400,000 tennesseans.
  • $697 million will go to improve water infrastructure

Democrats said the infrastructure bill will help keep America competitive and provide thousands of jobs. Republicans said they worry about the cost. All ten Tennessee House Republicans voted against it.