MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There is a holiday travel surge at the Memphis International Airport but between COVID concerns and nationwide cancellations, some travelers are on edge.

Memphis International airport says Christmas Eve will be the busiest they’ve seen since the pandemic and flight frustrations are coming in full swing.

With so many flight cancellations, travelers like Cedric Stamply are closely watching the departure boards to check their flight status.

“I’m a little nervous, but at the same time I think I’ll be alright,” Stamply said.

For some, trips during the holiday season may just be for vacation, but for most, holiday travel is vital.

Traveler Jorryn Gowdy says he doesn’t know if this will be the last holiday he will get to spend with his grandmother.

“I just recently discovered that my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer,” Gowdy said, “They don’t know what stage it is yet, but I don’t know when the next opportunity I will be able to see her.”

Even if that means having to withstand a 6 hour layover.

Memphis International Airport expects thousands to make their way through by the end of the day on Christmas Eve. 

Airport representatives say it is more important than ever to arrive 2 hours ahead of your scheduled flight.

Also, be sure to check your flight status online before heading to the airport.