MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Dealing with grief and trauma as violent crime grips our community is a seemingly never ending cycle.

Jane Abraham, CEO of the Healing Hearts Foundation in Memphis, says the recent wave of violence in our community has created the need for a place where people can express their concerns with others who share the same feelings.

That’s why Healing Hearts is offering free weekly grief and trauma sessions as a way for the public to get the pain and fear out of their hearts and minds in what’s called “vicarious trauma.”

These sessions will be held every Wednesday night at 1380 Madison Avenue in the studios of WAVN Radio with COVID safeguards in place and face masks required.

Don’t worry, they will not broadcast and confidentiality is the rule.

The sessions were started after a Facebook forum dealing with COVID aired on WAVN and Telsia Franklin, president of WAVN, has made the station’s studio available.

“We want these doors to be open, like we say in church…’the doors of the church is open.’ Well, the doors of WAVN Trend the Radio is opened on Wednesday nights at 6:30 so that we can create change in people’s lives,” Franklin said.

Healing Hearts has also created what’s called the DE-Fence of Grief where the public can place the names of victims as way to honor their memories.

“Like the folks we lost yesterday so horribly at the Post Office in Orange Mound. So we’ll add the names of the folks who died there and put them on the fence,” Abraham said.

If you have any questions, contact The Healing Hearts Foundation at (901)-726-4213.