WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — The Good Neighbor Center in West Memphis has partnered with the Mid-South Food Bank to address food insecurity in Crittenden County. They’re the latest group we’re spotlighting in WREG’s Feeding America series.

Every other week, drivers on East Broadway in West Memphis can see someone holding food boxes yelling at the cars passing by. The Good Neighbor Center is trying to get the word out about a new food box giveaway every other Friday as part of the Mid-South Food Bank partnership.

“If we have to stand out here and beg for people to come that’s what we’re going to do until it’s known this is what we’re going to do,” director Jacqueline Cannon said.

Cannon has been working at the center since 2007. But she started as a client.

“I had just lost my job and I needed utility assistance. I went to the Good Neighbor Center to get assistance. The director needed a receptionist. That was it. She asked if I’d consider working. Yes,” she said. “I mainly look at people coming in now, I guess I’m so considerate of them is because I’ve been in that position before.”

She said her feelings are magnified now that the need in West Memphis has increased during the pandemic; they now feed about 250 families a week, which is double than the number they were helping before, she said.

“When they come in they take a box or bag,” Cannon said.

Edna Wilson and Felicia Wilson are two people who know firsthand how much it helps.

“It mean a lot to me, oh yes,” Edna Wilson said.

“The virus and food shortages and all that. It means a lot,” Felicia Wilson said.

The Good Neighbor Center is open Monday through Friday and always accepts walk-ins.