MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – A food delivery driver said he was able to stop would-be thieves from breaking into his car Wednesday afternoon.

The delivery driver, who prefers to not to be identified, said he was walking back to his car after picking up an order from Jason’s Deli near Poplar and Highland when he spotted a man in a blue Mazda try to break into his vehicle.

“(The man) tried to open my door handle,” he said. “Reached out. Didn’t even get out the car.”

But he said the Mazda sped away when he hit the alarm button on his keys.

“My instincts, jumped in my car and I chased after them down Highland, down Southern,” he said.

He was on the phone with police at the time.

“The police was telling me not to chase them,” he said. “I probably did a wrong move but I was just trying to get their tag number.”

He did get it and gave it to police, but he believes it nearly cost him his life.

“We went down this one street where a tree was down and we actually came side by side of each other,” he said. “Driver, passenger rolled down the window and pointed a gun at me but he didn’t shoot it. Thank God.”

He lost sight of the Mazda after that and claims a total of three men were in the car. Police are still trying to find the would-be thieves.

“I mean, they need to get out and get a job and try to make a living like I’m doing, stop trying to steal people’s stuff that they’re working for, you know?” he said.