MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Memphis Police need your help finding a stolen car along with a dog that was left inside.

“They stole my dog. She is my absolute life,” the dog owner, Elena Manubens said.

Manubens and her friends spent the night frantically searching for her dog: a 4-year-old Belgian Tervuren named Kiwi.

“Never in a million years did I imagine something like this would happen to my animals,” Manubens said.

Her dog wasn’t the only one missing. Her friend’s dogs, Cocker spaniels named Ruby and Oakly, were also stolen.

She said they were taken from the Ridgeway Trace shopping center parking lot in East Memphis around 10 o’clock Sunday night.

Manubens said they were leaving a dog competition in Missouri and decided to make a pit stop in Memphis to refuel and get food before heading home to Florida.

She said they were in the restaurant for about 10 minutes, but when they walked outside, they saw that their truck and their beloved animals were all missing.

Kiwi and Ruby were found unharmed and with their crates on the side of Pontotoc Avenue in downtown Memphis.

Oakly and the stolen truck were nowhere in sight. 

Manubens said this is the first time they’ve ever taken the dogs out of state to compete. 

She said Oakly was last seen in a brown 2015 Ford Explorer with Georgia Tags and a sticker on the back reading “Cocker Mom”.

“I understand it was a mistake. I get it. We don’t want to hold anything against you. We’re saying that all we want is our dogs. Everything else in that car you can have. We just want the dogs back safely,” Manubens said.

Manubens says they are offering a cash reward for anyone who can provide valid information leading to the whereabouts of Oakly. 

If you know where Oakly is, you are encouraged to call the police.