MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Big football games and festivals are making a return to Memphis, but there are also big concerns, even from some who are visiting the city, as the COVID case count moves in the wrong direction.

Everywhere you look, there are signs reminding those in Shelby County to mask up while inside businesses. It’s a mandate New York newlyweds visiting the Bluff City say they implemented at their wedding.

“It’s just important that they wore masks, so that they wouldn’t spread COVID at our wedding,” said Julia Weeks. “We didn’t want to have a super spreader event.”

In Memphis, crowds are a sign that people are ready to venture out. The Cooper-Young Festival and football matchups are ushering in big crowds as well as big concerns, considering we are still in the midst of a pandemic.

“There’s a higher percentage of people who won’t accept the realities of the COVID-19 situation, or they just don’t believe that it actually exists,” said Luke Elliot.

The Shelby County Health Department is reporting more than 137,000 confirmed and probable COVID cases. According to health leaders, the case count could go down with vaccinations and the use of masks going up.

“I don’t know, it’s really not a hard thing,” Isra Pananon-Weeks said. “I think they are making an issue out of a non-issue.”

One of the big issues at hand is the misinformation that’s running rampant.

“People need to talk to their doctors, instead of looking on the internet for medical issues,” said Kathleen Elliot.

The directive requiring masks to be work indoors regardless of vaccination status was extended through September 30. That date may be extended yet again.