MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Fayette County pharmacy technician was disciplined after a state board said she was caught on camera swiping thousands of pills and swallowing “handfuls” while on duty.

Jessica Waldman, who worked at BETTERx Pharmacy in Oakland, Tennessee, agreed to surrender her license, according to the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy.

The state board said the pharmacy noticed inventory discrepancies beginning in fall 2019. When cameras were installed, the state says Waldman was seen “pocketing various controlled substances; swallowing handfuls of Norco 10 and Soma while on duty; and drinking from bottles and taking tablets from bottles and re-sealing the bottle.”

Norco 10 and Soma are opioid pain relievers and muscle relaxers.

An inventory revealed a total of 2,761 opioid pills worth $4,294 had been diverted, the board said.

A consent order signed by Waldman was accepted by the board this week.