MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The names and the faces are slowly coming to light after Tuesday’s shooting at the U.S. Postal Service Annex on Park Avenue.

Postal officials say when they got to the location Tuesday afternoon, they found 47-year-old station manager James Wilson Jr. shot. He was a longtime employee of the Postal Service, having worked there since 2001.

Those who knew him say he was fair, loved helping people and loved his church.

Also hit by gunfire was 37-year-old supervisor of customer services Demetria Dortch, who had worked at the Postal Service since 2015. She was a mother and those who worked with her say she loved her job.

Dortch’s sister went to Facebook to denounce the person responsible for the shooting, Johntra Haley, saying “he killed my sister and took the coward’s way out.”

Haley had only been with the Postal Service since July.

WREG spoke with Haley’s pregnant girlfriend, who said their baby is due in April. She says they didn’t live together but talked a lot. She wouldn’t discuss what they talked about the day of the shooting.

Haley’s grandmother told WREG he was pushed and he snapped, and his mother spoke to the Associated Press about her son being bullied at work.

Whether that was the reason Haley shot Wilson and Dortch and then turned the gun on himself is still being sorted out.