MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The family of a man shot and killed by police in Bolivar, Tennessee earlier this month has retained civil rights attorney Ben Crump as their lawyer.

Andra Davon Murphy, 43, from Toone, Tennessee, was killed Oct. 6 outside the Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement said a man had approached correctional officers outside the jail and started firing shots at the officers. Bolivar police reportedly responded but the man had already left. 

He allegedly returned to the scene, got out of his vehicle while still armed and confronted the officers, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said. The officers fired, hitting Murphy.

But Crump said in a statement released Wednesday that many people believe Murphy was not the same person who was initially at the scene. He demanded video evidence to determine whether Murphy was the initial suspect.

“While the investigation is ongoing, much more information is needed, not only for the family’s closure but to determine if this was a case of mistaken identity,” Crump said.

He said Murphy leaves behind four children.

Crump has recently been involved in a Memphis case involving Alvin Motley, a Chicago resident who was shot and killed by a security guard at an East Memphis Kroger fuel center.