MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man turned to WREG after he said he exhausted all of his options trying to get a death certificate for his brother and he’s relieved to finally have that certificate.

James Garrett told us about his brother, Steven Parks, an Air Force veteran who passed away back in June.

“He was a loving type of person. He was always looking out for everybody else but himself,” he said.

Garrett says his cause of death is still unknown. Since his passing, he’s been working to get his death certificate. 

Last week, he told us about the problems he’s been dealing with getting the certificate. He said he’s reached out to multiple outlets, but no luck. 

“We were at a total loss. So now I’m looking for closure. I’m trying to help his son get everything that’s due to him. I’ve sent everything I can to him but a death certificate. I don’t know what to do now. I’m at a loss,” Garrett said. “Mentally, I feel drained. I feel so out done.”

We started sending emails and making calls to see what the problem could be. A woman we talked to with the Shelby County Health Department suggested we try calling the funeral home Garrett’s family used.

An operator with the funeral home said they’ve been trying to help the family too and told us a doctor from the Memphis VA needed to sign the certificate.

We then reached out to the Memphis VA about the problem. A spokesperson told us in an email, they “reached out to the Shelby County Coroner’s Officer regarding the matter and the death certificate has now been signed.”

On Monday, we met with Mr. Garrett again who was in much better spirits since the last time we talked.

Thankfully, his family now has some closure. 

“We are so relieved now. I am able to send this to my nephew who is not mentally all the way together. But he needs whatever his father left him, so that he can become stable,” he said.

Mr. Garrett plans to get the certificate in the mail soon.