MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An amputee in a wheelchair was hit, dragged and left to die in the streets this weekend, and police say the driver still hasn’t come forward.  

Darrell Hampton was killed Saturday at the corner of Pendleton and Lola, just north of I-240. Police have no known witnesses.

Hampton was a father, a grandfather and a good neighbor, WREG was told. His life was cut short in the most horrific way. 

Hampton’s nephew remembers him for his can-do spirit. When he lost one of his legs to diabetes, his nephew said he didn’t let it hinder him.  

But his independence was all too dependent on fate. 

Saturday evening around 7:30 p.m., the 56-year-old was hit by a car just blocks from his apartment as he wheeled himself down the bike lane on pendleton. 

A police diagram shows how the car veered into him after rounding a corner.  

Investigators say Hampton’s wheelchair was pinned to the front of the car. He was dragged down the street, and then when the driver braked suddenly, Hampton went flying into the street.”  

When police got there, the driver was already gone and if anyone saw what happened, they’re not talking to police.  

There is no description of the driver or car, and seemingly no leads.  

“We don’t know if it was a mistake or if you’re scared, I mean, but we’re asking that you please come forward,” said his nephew.

Evaline Banks said she couldn’t have asked for a better neighbor. 

“I miss my friend,” Banks said. “He was nice, he was good to me. He loved children too. He ain’t bother nobody.”

And to his nephew, Hampton was more like a father than an uncle.  

“His heart was made of gold,” he said.  

Hampton leaves behind a son and six grandchildren.  

Police believe the car that hit him will have front end damage and a broken headlight, but they don’t know what kind of car they’re looking for.