WEST MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An encounter with a group of young women has now former West Memphis Police officer David Kohl facing criminal charges, but let’s back up to how we got to this point and the story Kohl told verses what is seen in the dash cam video.

On October 26, Kohl wrote in his report he got a call about a group of girls fighting in Horton Park.

In the video, you can see he approached the group saying he got a call about a fight. Several people in the group responded to him and said that they were not fighting.

“Ain’t no fighting. You don’t see anybody fighting,” one of them said.

But Kohl wasn’t letting the situation go.

“You’re fixin’ to go to jail. The next cuss word out of your mouth, you’re going to jail,” Kohl said to one of them.

A 19-year-old woman then takes issue, saying, “The next curse word? The next curse word? I’m grown.”

Kohl then said there are children in the area. The 19-year-old said an expletive and that’s when Kohl goes after her.

“No, don’t touch me,” she said.

Another officer comes in to break things up.

According to the report Kohl filed, he told a much different story than what was shown in the video.

He claimed he told the young woman he went after to ‘come here’ but ‘she refused’.

Kohl also said he tried numerous times to de-escalate the young woman’s refusal to be arrested and that she turned to him and started hitting him in the face and head. He then said others in the group began attacking him as well.

Shortly after the incident, the state prosecutor’s office was notified.

Kohl was placed on non-enforcement status then was terminated and charged days later.