MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Office of the District Attorney announced a man has been convicted after stealing $20 from a man on crutches.

Savanno Richards, 29, was convicted on charges of robbery after his cell phone was recovered from the scene, they said.

According to the DA’s Office, the victim identified Richards as the man who pinned him against a wall and pointed a gun at him Aug. 4, 2019 at an apartment complex in Parkway Village. The victim who had just returned from taking his daughter to school.

The victim said Richards demanded he empty his wallet, which only contained $20.

The District Attorney’s office said Richards dropped his cell phone as he ran off with the money.

According to the DA’s Office, Richards said he targeted the man because he was on crutches but denied using a gun. Richards was arrested two weeks later, according to the DA’s Office.

Richards is currently in custody with $50,000 bail. His next court date is set for October 29, for sentencing.