MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is behind bars after being accused of killing a Memphis couple, and MPD said the eyewitness was their son.

Police identified the victims as Leander Maxwell and Keisha Marshall. 

Neighbors are still shocked by what took place inside a house on Macon road early Sunday morning.

“They were some good people. I see all the time. He’s out working on his car and with his kid,” neighbor Larico Hearns said.

Court documents say a young boy inside the home told investigators he was awakened by a popping noise. 

Police said when he opened his door, the boy saw a man he knows as “Mike” standing over his mother’s body pointing a gun at her head.

Police said the child said the man walked past him, got into a gold car, and drove away.

Memphis police said the child’s mother and father had both been shot, rushed to the hospital, but neither survived.

“I know they were close because they always were together,” Hearns said.

Police say before the man died, he told investigators his roommate Michael Barkley was responsible for shooting them.

Nearly every person we spoke to living on the block described the victim’s son as a respectable young man who loved to ride his bike up and down the street.

They described his father as a mechanic who loved helping others any chance he could get.

“He saw me walking and was like ‘Bruh, what’s wrong with your car? Do you need me to come around and fix it?'” Hearns said about Maxwell.

“I saw all of them Friday. I saw the mother. They were cleaning up the house,” Hearns said. “The little boy was on the outside wiping down the window. She was on the inside. That was the last day I saw them.”

Michael Barkley is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and employment of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony. No bond has been set at the moment.

Memphis Police say Barkley confessed to shooting and killing the couple but it’s unclear what led to the killing.