MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We’re learning more about what happened to all that food left inside the Collierville Kroger where 14 people were injured and Olivia King was killed following a mass shooting.

About 48,000 pounds of food from the Collierville Kroger –once the site of tragedy– has been delivered to the Mid-South Food Bank, helping tens of thousands of people.

Teresa Dickerson, the Corporate Affairs Manager of the Kroger Delta Division, said donating the food was a great way to give back to the community.

“If we can be the light after darkness and this is a great way to do it then we want to do it,” she said. “None of us have gone through this before so it’s definitely great to have people who really care by your side.”

A date for when the Kroger store will reopen has not been set, but all of the food has been distributed to families.

Angela Johnson with the Mid-South Food Bank called the donation crucial.

“Especially in this day and time with the resources being taken away, COVID is still around. It is very crucial that we’re able to provide that and we pride ourselves on being able to provide full meals,” Johnson said. “With that particular donation, we were able to get food product from all different categories. So we got protein, bakery, produce, dairy. Definitely things that can make full meals and that’s what we want to provide for our clients which equates to about 40,000 meals. So when you’re looking at it in terms of the number of people we’re serving, you’re talking about 158,000 people. And to be on the front lines and to actually be able to see some of the recipients is amazing.”

Addressing a need throughout the 31 counties, the Mid-South Food Bank serves after the heartbreak by partnering with different groups throughout the Mid-South to make a difference.

If you’re looking to help the Mid-South Food Bank as we approach the holidays, visit their website to donate.