MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – A Parkway Village family is on edge after bullets flew through their home Friday afternoon and the shooters are still out there.

Franco Alvarez said it all started when he spotted four men in a silver Toyota sedan parked in front of the house on Crepe Myrtle Drive. 

“I was like I don’t recognize them,” Alvarez said.

Neither did his sister or nephew who arrived home minutes later. 

“We had that sense of feeling that something was not right,” Alvarez said.

Alvarez said nearly an hour passed but the car was still there. So, his sister called the non-emergency line for Memphis police.

“At that moment the car started leaving and then came back… Just started shooting at us,” Alvarez said. “It was about ten shots fired, two different type of rounds.”

One of the bullets flew through a bedroom window but thankfully, everyone was in another room and no one was hit.

“My sister at that point she kind of stepped back and she looked at us and she was like are you okay?” Alvarez said. “And we were like yeah, we’re fine, just like is this happening to us?”

Alvarez says the shooters sped away and were long gone by the time officers got to the house.

Investigators are looking for the gunmen and posted Sky Cop video of the silver Toyota on social media Monday.

Alvarez says he doesn’t know why anyone would shoot at his house. His sister’s car was also struck by gunfire. The chaos has prompted him to beef up his home security.

“We installed cameras and everything. So, now every time I hear a ding from the phone, a notification, I’m like what’s that?” Alvarez said.

If you know anything about this shooting please call Crime Stoppers at (901)-528-CASH.