MARSHALL CO., Miss. — Mississippi investigators believe a body found in Marshall County last week may have been in the woods for nearly two months before being discovered.

Marshall County Sheriff’s deputies discovered the body off of Highway 72 near the Mississippi-Tennessee state line after someone noticed a strong odor coming from the woods.

“There was a black bag around the individuals head, with what appeared to be a nylon string around it as well,” said Major Kelly McMillen with the sheriff’s department. “It appeared that pants had been tied around his back with some of that same nylon rope around his head.”

Investigators believe the body may been in the woods for nearly two months.

“With stuff like that, he tied up, bag on they head, it’s like somebody trying to send a message or something,” said Cajuan Pigues, who lives near the area. “That’s crazy. You just gotta be careful out here. You gotta be careful, y’all be careful.”

Investigators believe that the body could be that of a man who worked in the area that was reported missing two months ago. They say several of characteristics matched and have requested DNA from his family.

“This guy was a super nice guy. It’s one of those guys that would just do anything for anybody,” said McMillen. “It’s was very discouraging.”

DNA samples were sent to a crime lab in Jackson to try to positively ID the victim.