BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. – – Blytheville City Councilwoman Barbara McAdoo-Brothers says in a police report that she was attacked by customers at a restaurant and bar she owns just after midnight Sunday.

The 68-year-old second term councilwoman told investigators she asked Terica Williams and several of her family members to leave when they started dancing on stage at McAdoo’s Steak and Lounge. She says she tried to escort them out when one of the women threw a drink in her face.

Williams tells a different story and claims McAdoo-Brothers was overly aggressive and shouted racial slurs.

“We did not know she didn’t allow people on stage,” Williams said. “She was asking us, like, ‘Get off stage you m-fers. I’m sick of this every weekend. You (expletive) come in here causing problems being provocative’ and all that and my sister’s like, ‘Calm down, calm down. We gonna leave. We gonna leave.'”

The situation quickly escalated when McAdoo-Brothers says she tried to pull Williams’ sister into the parking lot by her hair. She told investigators the group knocked her to the ground and began to kick her. She also told officers the alleged attack went on until customers came out and got the group off of her.

Williams says her sister was just defending herself.

“She had no right coming out that bar and striking my sister, snatching her wig like that,” Williams said. “You have someone like that on the city council and she representing us and she acting like that in public. What the hell?”

Police arrived after the incident and after Williams and her sister had left but we do know at least one customer was arrested. Police haven’t specified who but Williams claims it was one of her other sisters who was arrested a short time later. Adding to the chaos and confusion, Williams claims that sister was not involved in the fight. 

WREG asked McAdoo-Brothers if she wanted to say anything other than what she said in the police report.

“My understanding is it’s still an ongoing investigation and in the wait of justice I have no comment,” she said.