MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The widow of a Memphis police officer who died in the line of duty has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver accused of hitting him.

Officer Scotty Triplett was run over while assisting with a procession back in May.

The $5 million lawsuit filed against Frances Calico alleges she broke numerous driving infractions.

“We have many more questions,” attorney Jeff Rosenblum said. “We have questions about why was this processional so long? What happened, did somebody wave her on, I don’t think they did. But what happened? So through the process of this lawsuit, we’ll be able to ask those questions, we’ll be able to get a subpoena issued to the authorities to get these documents.”

Among the things Rosenblum hopes to find out more about is why the city allowed the procession to take place. He believes it endangered Triplett’s life.

“This was a very dangerous procession that he was required to escort. But in addition to that, that is not in any way an excuse for this woman just to make a left hand turn because she was ready to go home, in the middle of 200 vehicles that are coming,” Rosenblum said.

Calico was charged back in July for failure to yield the right of way resulting in death.

No date has been set for when this case could be heard by a judge. They are still In the beginning phases of conducting interviews and collecting evidence that could be used in a trial if needed.