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(Germantown, TN) What everyone knows now is Paige Michael is asking for $3 million in a lawsuit against Germantown, the Shelby County school board, and others.

She says she believes people who disagree with her are making it an issue.

“My opponents have made sure it’s something everybody knows,” Michael says. “Why not use something personal to attack somebody, if you don’t have a platform. You don’t have anything else to go on attack somebody personally.”

We asked Edgar Babian and Linda Fisher. Both say they won’t talk negatively about another opponent.

In 2011, Michael’s daughter was at cheerleading practice for a team in Houston Park when a fly-ball from the baseball field  hit her in the head.

She suffered a concussion, brain swelling and other injuries.

The Michaels tried to settle, but decided to file a lawsuit.

“It came up again last night on the Facebook page somebody asking about it,” she said. “I’m not surprised. I’m glad it’s finally getting out  because its nothing I’m hiding from.”

People we talked to in Germantown wonder if it was a good decision for Michael to run for school board with the ongoing lawsuit.

“I feel like that’s taking advantage of the system that you should handle that before you take on another big problem, another big school issue,” said Sarah Daws.