Labor Day celebrations continue in the midst of COVID


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Labor Day is the last holiday of the summer and families want to get out and celebrate but still do it safely Monday.

“We wanted to be outside and let our kids run around and not try to not be close to a lot of people,” said mom Lauren Riley.

Instead of a crowd they found a secluded spot at Shelby Farms for a family picnic.

“We’re both vaccinated, but the kids are too young to be vaccinated. So again just playing it safe out of the park and steering clear of large crowds,” said dad Pete Riley.

Experts say keeping your event small, especially with people who haven’t been vaccinated, is probably a good idea. But others are venturing out.

There were lines to get into the Delta Fair on this Labor Day. People were ready to play.

“I’m very excited about singing at the fair and competing, because I am doing the competition,” said 10-year-old Vivianne Neely.

“Well, I’m not competing but I’m really excited about singing and entertaining. I think it’ll be super fun,” said 11-year-old Eliza Dorris.
For kids, the fair is full of fun and they want that even during the pandemic.

“I think it’s a great activity for them to get out of the house they’re missing a lot of social time with other kids growing up,” said dad Sam Neely. “What can you do? All you can do is protect yourself. Protect others and move on.”

But fair organizers have a plan to make sure things stay safe.

“It’s mandatory for you to wear a mask, inside the building. It’s suggested to wear masks outside,” said Mark Lovell, Delta Fair Director. “We have hand sanitizers everywhere. If you’ve been diagnosed with COVID, please don’t come. If you have the symptoms, please don’t come.”

They say their precautions appear to be working.

“Now this is our fifth fair. We did three last year. We went to Alabama went to Georgia, and went to Mississippi. After we had our event and went back to the health department to see if there were any spikes in people catching the COVID virus, it was none. We were very pleased with that,” said Lovell.

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