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WYNNE, Ark. –- A judge accused of trading lighter sentences in exchange for sexual favors did not show up for court Thursday.

Cross County District Court Judge Joseph Boeckmann was a no-show in his Wynne, AR courtroom.

The reason for Judge Boeckmann’s absence was not disclosed.

Boeckmann was replaced by J Harmon Smith, who presides when Judge Boeckmann is out.

According to the report filed by the Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission, Judge Boeckmann used his influence over male litigants for his “personal and sexual desires.”

One inmate said Judge Boeckmann sent him a note asking to ‘spend some time with him.’

He took the note as sexual in nature and gave it back to the guard, refusing to meet him.

In the courtroom the next day he said Boeckmann was angry.

“’I’m going to charge you 500 and an extra night in jail, and you go back there and tell your buddies how I feel about it,” he recalled the judge as saying.

He’s not the only one who said word spread through the Cross County Jail that men came to the judge’s home to “work off” their sentences.

One of his alleged victims, who was charged with a misdemeanor, testified he let Boeckmann photograph him with and without clothes for money.

The report stated some inappropriate behavior dated back to 2009.