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(Memphis) The icy threat has hundreds of people flocking to stores to stock up on supplies.

Some hardware stores have already sold out of salt to make ice melt.

The Home Depot in Midtown was packed Wednesday.

“Make sure you have plenty of batteries and flashlights,” said customer Robert Brown at the check out line.

The threat of an ice storm hitting the Mid-South has people getting ready for the next few, frigid days.

“We’ve had so many threats before, and it never happens. This time it sounds like it really might,” said customer Wendy Ansbro.

Hand warmers, generators, batteries, flashlights and ice melt flew off the shelves.

Some items sold out by early afternoon.

“I lucked out and got the last torn bag!” said Brown, who got the last bag of ice melt. “I called the other stores, and they checked their inventory. There’s not any coming in.”

Ice melt is sold out at a couple Home Depot stores in Memphis.

Only the Olive Branch store is set to get a shipment of it before the weekend.