MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police responded to a bank robbery on October 25 at the First South Financial Credit Union off the 600 block of Highland.

Police said that Charlo Archie entered the bank dressed in a hoodie, hat and with a black backpack, walked up to a teller and demanded money from the drawer.

According to reports, the teller placed the money in the bag, and while she was placing the money in the bag, Archie had her hands on her waist, implying she had a weapon.

Police said that Archie threatened to shoot the teller if she didn’t hurry. After taking the money, police said that Archie left the bank on foot.

Police investigators returned to the area and managed to find survellience footage of the bank from the Shell station across the street. Police said they reviewed the footage and it showed Archie removing her hoodie and hat, placing them in her black backpack.

Police noted that she left the backpack as she made her escape. Police noticed a maroon Pontiac G6 next to the bank was unoccupied.

Police said they reached out to the owner of the car, and they said it belonged to the suspect’s daughter. Police reports show she made the scene and told officers her mother left the vehicle outside the Family Dollar.

The daughter called her mother on the phone and asked what happened.

Police said her mother replied, “I just robbed a bank” and hung up.

Charlo Archie was arrested on aggravated robbery charges in relation to this bank robbery.

UPDATE: Archie is being held on a $62,000 bond and her next court appearance is set for November 4.