MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The family of the postal worker who shot and killed two coworkers says he was being bullied at work and just snapped.

Nationally recognized anti-bullying expert Jodee Blanco says is not uncommon. We spoke with Blanco, who shared ways to prevent things from escalating.

The Orange Mound postal facility shooting is just one of the many instances where we have heard about allegations of bullying in connection to shootings.

“It’s important that we address bullying at the source, when it’s happening, and we don’t turn a blind eye to it because tragedies like this are often the result,” Blanco said.

The mother of the accused gunman in the Orange Mound postal facility shooting, where two employees were killed, told the Associated Press her son, Johntra Haley, was bullied at work.

“When that rage festers, anything thing can trigger it,” Blanco said. “I can tell you as a survivor and an activist in the field, that unless we really addressed the situation at the core. We’re going to continue to see these types of circumstances.”

Blanco has made a career out of helping schools and corporations implement training on bullying. For those being victimized, she says it’s best to keep a record when the incidents occur.

“You need to communicate, number one, as specifically as possible. Document the incidents of abuse,” Blanco said. “When did each incident take place, where did it take place. What happened, and if there were any witnesses, documentation is a powerful tool because it’s irrefutable.”

Blanco says some of the signs to look for is if someone is being isolated or their mood is constantly changing, but encourages everyone to play a part in what has become issues in schools and workplaces across the country.

“Keep trying, talk to friends, colleagues, co workers, loved ones. Do whatever you can to intervene. And sometimes, everybody looked at me, sometimes the best form of intervention in any bullying situation, is simply to step up and be a friend,” Blanco said.

If you know someone who is being bullied, there are number of resources in the community.

Memphis Police also tells us that an intimidation report could be filed against the perpetrator, which is considered an assault.