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HORN LAKE, Miss. — Theresa Southgate turned to God as her son’s body was taken away in a hearse.

“God, please receive my son. Father, he is in your hands now.”

Twenty-nine-year-old Edroy James Ballard, Jr., was found shot to death in front of a home in Horn Lake off Santa Fe Circle.

Neighbors say the man who pulled the trigger was working on a car parked out front when the two men started arguing.

Ballard’s father, Edroy Senior, says his son was in the neighborhood visiting his brother.

“Dude got mad, he and my son had some words. When my son didn’t want to argue anymore…my son was fixing to go in the house when dude shot him in the head.”

That man got away, and left Ballard for dead.

Family members and friends swarmed the neighborhood. They couldn’t believe the news. Police tape separated them from the place Ballard’s body was found, just in front of the townhouse.

Ballard’s fiance collapsed in a car nearby. They were set to be married in two weeks.

Ballard’s mother says whoever killed her son, left his 4-year-old son fatherless.

“He has a son! And we have to go tell that baby this his daddy is not coming back,” she cried out.

Neighbors say it’s been a long time since something like this happened in their neighborhood. They are all praying for the family.

Again, Southgate prayed, “Take your wings, son. Fly baby.”

If you have any information about this shooing, call Horn Lake Police at 662-393-6174.