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(Decatur County, TN) TBI investigators manned every possible entrance to Zachary Adams’ property on Adams Lane, scouring every inch just like they have for the last three days.

“They have a reason to be there, got to be something there or they wouldn’t be there,” said Patrick Everett who lives nearby.

From a distance, News Channel 3 noticed and empty equipment trailer in front of the home.

People nearby spotted a backhoe used for digging on the back of it, before it turned down the street.

We placed a call to TBI asking about the trailer, but right now investigators are tight lipped.

They are also making sure no one disturbs anything anywhere close to the property.

News Channel 3 stood near an abandoned home trying to get video of the house across the street.

TBI investigators made us move even though they aren’t there; it’s still part of their investigation.

People in the area say the abandoned home also belongs to Adams.

The 29-year-old was arrested Friday and charged with aggravated assault.

By phone, a TBI spokesperson wouldn’t say why Adams was charged with assault and they aren’t saying why they’ve searched the area tirelessly since Friday.

But folks around town believe its connected to Holly Bobo’s mysterious disappearance nearly three years ago.

“I’m hoping they get some answers, bring her family some closure and bring the people who did this to justice,” said Everett.

Everett helped search for the missing nursing student when she first disappeared.

“A person goes missing out here, you try to help your neighbor,” said Everett.

He hopes the search ends soon, until then he says he won’t give up hope.

“Pray for holly,” said Everett.