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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County health officials are investigating after the health department reports a nearly 400 case increase on Saturday.

Health officials are working to figure out if the recent spike was an actual increase in positive cases or a product of delayed reporting test results.

The Shelby County Health Department says the number is a reflection of confirmed and probable cases.

Probable cases is someone who tested negative in one test but tested positive when taking another type of test or the person may not have been tested at all but has an illness very consistent with COVID-19.

Memphis City Councilman Dr. Jeff Warren says this increase should be a wake-up call to everyone.

“It tells me we have not done or we’re not doing all the things we know to do to control it and we know what they are now and we have the capability of doing it now. So, we need to start doing it.” Dr. Warren said.

He stressed people need to continue practice social distancing, washing your hands and continue wearing masks while out in public.

“If it overwhelms us, then we’re having to shutdown businesses again and lock in place again,” Dr. Warren said. “…Most businesses can’t take another hit like the one we just had.”

Dr. Warren says we must follow the necessary health requirements to reopen safely.

“This isn’t political. It’s just a virus. It just want to have another person to infect. So, that’s what it’s going to do if we give it to enough people,” Dr. Warren said.