Fireball meteor seen Wednesday night over Arkansas and surrounding states


What Was That "Thing" You Witnessed In the Sky Wednesday Night?

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – Did you see a big bright “shooting star” Wednesday, Aug 18, 2021 around 8:33 P.M. in the eastern sky? It was what we call a fireball meteor.

A fireball is an unusually bright and long lasting meteor. We got the great dashcam video from Rick Ulrich who witnessed the fireball driving east on Don Tyson in Springdale, Arkansas. (NOTE: Dashcam timestamp date and year are not correct).

I posted the video/information early this morning on my Facebook page and quickly realized Rick wasn’t the only one that witnessed it last night. (See comments on post below)

Many people saw it in Northwest Arkansas, but unfortunately according to the American Meteor Society there are NO eyewitness reports (as of now) with this fireball event below in our area.

Fireball report from August 18, 2021 on American Meteor Society ttps://
Alexander Freeman “I caught it on my dash cam as well. It was closer to 8:30 PM. Driving east on New Hope Road.”

Here’s where you can help! If you witnessed this fireball and possibly see others in the future, please submit your fireball report to the The American Meteor Society

Accurate eyewitness reports are vital in helping meteorite hunters like the Meteorite Man Steve Arnold and his crew determine if these fireballs have the possibility of reaching the ground. Providing a detailed trajectory (using these eyewitness reports) also gives them an area where to look for the meteorite fragments.

Did this fireball reach the ground and become a meteorite? It’s a possibility, but the more reports you provide, the more likely pieces will be found if they did in fact reach the Earth’s surface.

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