MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mid-South family is desperate for answers.

They lost two cousins Friday evening in a crash involving an off-duty MPD officer that was reportedly speeding. The family spoke with WREG-TV and said they want justice and answers.

“What if it was one of your family members? What if it was your daughter? Your son? Your cousin? Your brother that someone just mowed down? Mowed down recklessly,” Broadnax said.

Lonell Broadnax was at work Friday evening when he received a call two of his cousins were killed in a car crash.

“First I processed that I lost a family member that was super close to me like a brother,” Broadnax said.

Then he wanted to know more.

Police say 19-year-old Travis Parham and 42-year-old Wallace Morris were killed when an off duty MPD officer hit their car as they pulled out of a driveway near Walnut Grove Road and Timber Creek Drive.

The impact of the crash split their car into two pieces.

“I’ve seen some of the images. My brother sent them to me. To see them laying across the street. It’s something no one should have to see,” said Broadnax.

And now the family wonders why more information hasn’t been made available to the public in the days following the crash.

 “After that I started wondering why. Why was no arrest made? Why was the MPD officer, if he was truly off duty, why was his name made public and why was he not arrested due to two fatalities,” said Broadnax.

Broadnax said Wallace was like a brother to him.

“We played on the trampoline together, spent the night over each other’s houses. It was like a little rascal gang. We were always together having a great time together,” said Broadnax.

The family says they won’t get peace and their loved ones won’t rest in peace until justice is served.

“Wouldn’t you want justice as well? That’s all we’re asking for. We want the same justice that anyone else would want,” said Broadnax.

A MPD spokesperson says they’re not releasing the name of the officer at this time.

They did say the officer was not in an MPD issued vehicle when the crash happened.