Family of slain mother wants tragic situation to be a warning to others


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis mother was stabbed to death over the weekend. 

We spoke with a family member on Saturday, who identified the victim as Kristie Orange. We talked with another family member, who hopes others will learn from this tragedy.

Inside an unassuming hotel, the unthinkable happened Saturday. It happened in room 315 at the Travel Lodge along East Brooks Road.

“It was horrific and then I think it was premeditated,” said Linda Orange, Kristie’s older cousin.

By way of phone, we spoke with Linda Orange, a woman still in disbelief after learning her younger cousin, who was more like a little sister, was killed.

“Our birthdays were a day apart and everything,” Orange said.

Police say Orange was stabbed at the hands of her boyfriend Derriontay Perry, who admitted to the attack.     

The 23- year old is now behind bars, but says this was a case of self defense. Kristie’s family is not buying that story, as some say there was repeated abuse throughout the four-month relationship.

“He woke up to her trying to kill him, that is a lie.  A 7-year-old little boy, which is her son said that night he threw her against the wall,” Orange said.

Kristie Orange and one of her sons (photo submitted)

Soon after, the knife attack happened. Making matters even worse, it’s alleged to have happened in front of three of Kristie’s four children, including her 7-year-old son.

He would later describe hearing his mother quote “pray until she went to sleep.”  He is too young to realize his mother will never again wake up.

“She was a great mother,” Orange said.

Kristie’s family says that’s why she was staying at the hotel. It was  supposed to be her safe haven to keep her free from harm, but in an instant it was anything but when the man she once dated, admitted in this police report he was able to quote “easily overpower” her, before stabbing the Memphis mother to death

“He found her, like he always do,” Orange said. “For you to beat her, stab her, kill her, and smother her, like what? Why?”

That’s a question Perry will soon have to answer when he faces a judge in court. Meanwhile, Linda Orange wants Kristie’s tragic story to be a warning to others.

“First sign of anything foul, leave. It’s not worth it. Somebody out there loves you,” Orange said.

Derriontay Perry is scheduled to face for the first time Monday morning. The family for Kristie Orange has set up a Go-Fund-Me page to help with funeral expenses.     

If you would like to help this family, click here.

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