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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Family members say a 64-year-old retired Army veteran was killed in an apparent road rage incident Monday night in Raleigh.

Relatives say Steve Kennon crashed his van into at least one other vehicle after being shot near a gas station at Raleigh LaGrange and Covington Pike.

Kennon’s white van

Police are still searching for the shooter who was last seen driving westbound on Raleigh LaGrange in a red Ford Expedition.

Kelsey Kennon said the last time she saw her father was on Sunday, and she didn’t find out until Thursday that he had been killed.

“Monday when I saw the shooting on Facebook I just scrolled past it. I didn’t open it up because, honestly, it’s just another day in Memphis,” said Kennon. “I don’t really know what happened because the Memphis Police Department, they just put a business card on our door and my mom didn’t see it. Found it on Wednesday.”

Kennon said her father lived nearby at the Northlake Apartments and was likely headed home when he was shot. She said her father was a retired and disabled vet and didn’t have any enemies.

“Maybe he cut him off or made him mad or whatever. I mean it’s just not a reason to take somebody’s life,” said Kennon.

Steve Kennon with his grandson Kael Kennon, his daughter Kelsey Kennon, and his ex-wife Pam Kennon

At least two other drivers were hit, but it’s not clear if Kennon hit those car after he was shot, or if the shooter did trying to get away.

Kennon, who is a first responder, doesn’t know how many times her father was shot, but believes he died instantly. She said he leaves behind a nine-year-old grandson.

“He’s definitely the most affected and will be. He’s the only father type, father figure that we had for him and somebody took him for whatever reason,” said Kennon.

Kennon said her dad did carry a weapon and police believe he fired back.

If you know anything about the shooting you are urged to call Shelby County Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.