MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis family is demanding answers following a police chase and crash in Whitehaven.

A crash report says 59-year-old Marvin Honey was hit during the incident and later died.

Multiple police agencies were pursuing 19-year-old Johnny Landon following an attempted traffic stop.

The family of Marvin Honey says he was headed to the grocery store Thursday afternoon when he got caught up the incident. They’re at a loss days later. They say they didn’t even know he was in harm’s way.

“I had my daughter call around to the hospital and that’s when she found out he was in the med. Nobody called us. He had been there for hours,” Honey’s sister, Evelyn Rambert said.

Police said this started Thursday afternoon when Landon intentionally ran into a Bartlett Police vehicle and took off when they tried to pull him over.

Memphis police said they followed him before losing him on Elvis Presley Boulevard, but said Landon continued on driving recklessly and hit the vehicle Marvin Honey was driving.

“The person they chased, they say, was going over a hundred miles per hour,” Rambert said.

Authorities say Landon had an active warrant.

The victim’s family stated that they don’t hold Landon accountable for what happened, but want answers for why their loved one was suddenly taken away from their family.

“I really don’t fault him. It wasn’t his fault. He was wrong but they were more wrong to do that. They caused this to happen. That’s just not right,” Rambert said.

Landon has a scheduled court appearance for Oct. 27.

His current charges are listed as aggravated assault and evading arrest.