Fake customer support rep asks woman to remove shirt for ‘full body recognition’

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HALLS, Tenn. — A Halls woman says she feels violated after a phone call with who she initially thought was a Cash App customer support representative.

Lisa Tasker said she was having problems with her Cash App card last week so she Googled the number for Cash App customer support and dialed the first one she found.
It turned out to be a big mistake.

The man who answered asked her to request more than $1,300 from her sister.

“I did so and I asked him why. He said tell her not to worry, it’s just virtual money,” Tasker said.

As if that wasn’t suspicious enough, Tasker says the exchange then got downright creepy.

“He asked me to take off my shirt, set my phone down, access my camera,” she said.
“He said that he needed full body recognition and I said, ‘I am not taking off my shirt for you,'” she added.

When Tasker refused, she said the fake Cash App representative hung up on her.
Nancy Crawford with the Better Business Bureau said she hasn’t heard of scammers making this particular request before.

“Phones have thumbprint verification, but we haven’t heard of that full body verification thing yet,” Crawford said.

But Crawford is very familiar with payment app support scams. According to the Better Business Bureau, nearly 700 people have fallen for them so far this year.

“There’s a help service through the app itself and you should reach out through the app and not look for a phone number because Cash App itself doesn’t have a phone number,” she said.

Tasker’s sister was able to recover her money, but Tasker says she doesn’t feel comfortable using Cash App going forward.

“It felt like, you know, you were, like, being molested or something it was awful,” said Tasker.

WREG called the number Tasker called but it had been disconnected.

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