MEMPHIS, Tenn. – As violent crime continues in the city of Memphis, the number of cold cases continues to grow and Crimestoppers is pleading with the public to help.

Over the weekend, Memphis police say four women were shot across the city over a six-hour time frame.

One died from her injuries.

It’s unclear if any of the women knew their shooter, but no arrests have been made in any of the incidents. 

Director of Crimestoppers Buddy Chapman said the rise in shootings is happening at an alarming rate, making things more difficult for law enforcement.

“Where a crime is totally random, then it really is a cold case from the moment it happens because there are no hot leads to follow,” Chapman said.

Chapman said traditionally detectives will speak to anyone who knows the victim and build a list of potential suspects.

But, with the increase in shootings where the victim does not know the gunman, he said officers are having a hard time finding a starting point for their investigations.

Chapman said many cases are now relying solely on tips from the public.

That’s why Crimestoppers along with the crime commission and other organizations are hosting two events this week – one in Frayser and the other in South Memphis – to discuss ways to curb gun violence.

“Crime is not a police problem. Crime is a community problem,” Chapman said.

Chapman stresses the motto “if you know something, say something”. He said in some cases, that may be the only way a victim and their family receives justice.

“The community simply must say this is enough. We’re not going to put up with it anymore. If you pull a trigger, you will be reported,” Chapman said.