MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Amid rising COVID infections and hospitalizations, the US hit another new record for hospitalizations in a single day. As the nation sees a rise in COVID cases, certain parts of the Mid-South have seen significant increase in cases.

Panola County, Mississippi reported a 1,000% increase in cases within a two-week period. Shelby County, Tennessee reported 2,327 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases and said Monday the county’s seven-day rolling average was at 2,555 cases from Jan. 3-9.

But there was also good news Monday. Dr. Michelle Taylor with the Shelby County Health Department announced that Shelby County has vaccinated 50 percent of the total population as of January 10 — more than half a million people.

Even with vaccinations on the rise, Tennessee Hospitals are straining under the influx of patients. In addition to staffing concerns, the number of available hospital beds and ICU beds are down to a fraction of their total amount.